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The Council of the European Union adopted on February 12 the new regulation of personal protective equipment which will replace Directive 89/686 / EEC.

The new rules update the current provisions of Directive 89/686 / EEC. The new rules apply to each device to be placed and / or put into service for the first time on the EU market.
They define health and safety requirements and establish procedures for assessing conformity to be followed by manufacturers. These procedures are related to the degree of risk involved. The "CE marking" is used for products that meet the requirements of health and safety.

Problems on the revised Annex ZA of EN ISO standards prevent their publication in the JOCE

First, recall that the Annex ZA European standards is the link between the requirements of a Directive and paragraphs of this standard, so that in accordance with the requirements of the standard it is shown how the requirements of Directive are respected and that leads to the presumption of conformity CE.
Five standards for optical products whose standards EN ISO 12870: 2014 (ISO EN version of ISO 12870: 2012) relating to spectacle frames and EN ISO 14889: 2013 (ISO EN version of ISO 14889: 2013) relating to uncut corrective lenses are not published in the Official Journal of the European Commission (JOCE). Indeed, despite the evolution of these reference standards, the version published standards and is held with the authorities for CE compliance of the products are the versions of 2009! While the use of standards to ensure CE compliance is voluntary, in practice it is the version published in the JOCE is authentic. We are currently in a situation of uncertainty driven by the non-compliance of the annexes ZA of the standards in the opinion of the European Commission. The main reasons are the lack of dates in Annex ZA of reference standards and the non-compliance of the table of equivalence between the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42 / EC and paragraphs of the standard covering these regulatory requirements.
CEN TC170 decided last January 20 to make a new proposed annex ZA to EN ISO 12870: 2014

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