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Glasses of swimming pool - BS 5883: 1996

Compulsory tests and examinations :

Material and surface quality (5883-MS02)

The aim of this test is to highlight all material and surface defects present on the eyepieces of personal eye protective equipment and ophthalmic eyepieces.

The zone of observation is 30 mm around the reference point, it excludes a marginal zone of 5 mm from the edge of the lens. A large range of defects may be observed on the latter (e.g.: bubbles, inclusions, scratches, cracks…).

Dimension (5883-DIM2)

This test enables us to verify that the dimensions of screens and of eyepieces are appropriate for the user (minimum dimensions to adhere to ensure correct vision).

The sample is compliant if the minimum eyepiece opening is adhered to.

Optical power of eyepieces (5883-PO04)

The aim of this test is to measure the values of the spherical, astigmatic and prismatic powers of lenses. The measurements are made at the reference point.

The interpretation of the results, with regard to optical power, depends on the standard tested.

Reinforced toughness (5883-SR07)

This test enables us to verify the resistance of a whole protector to front and side impacts of a steel ball, of a nominal diameter of 22 mm, with a mass of 43g, hitting them at a speed of around 5.1m/s.

The sample is compliant if no fracturing or deformation of the eyepiece is observed.

Waterproofness (5883-ETAN)

Compression resistance (5883-RCOM)

The Resistance of the seal (5883-RJET)

The Resistance in the sliding of the headband (5883-RGSR)

Solidity of the bridge(5883-SPON)

Marking and information control (5883-MI07)

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