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Alutec offers you Benchmark tests to help the mooners improve the quality of their products.

Advantages: You compare to the competition, improve the quality of your products, have an external opinion, anticipate the returns

Benchmarking can guide you in defining or evolving your communication strategy.


- BENCHMARK products: We carry out comparative tests based on your evaluation criteria

 A comparative study by product is carried out. This will give you elements of differentiation in terms of testing your products

Our method of intervention:

- BENCHMARK products facing your (external) market: Alutec launches a test campaign and invites companies to participate

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The goal of benchmarking is to compare itself to the best companies, those with the most outstanding performance in their field.

What is your product positioning facing your market?

We carry out a benchmark product in front of your market, the companies surveyed will be anonymous but you will have a numbered comparison

 Test your products among a chosen panel to position you in terms of price and quality

Our method of intervention:

- BENCHMARK products facing your market: You choose who you want to be compared

Compare yourself against your most formidable competitors!

Test your products to get your positioning

Our intervention method:

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Priscilla CHAUDEY
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Posted on march the 6th , 2017

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