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Nickel regulations on frames

Since July 18 2000, the European Directive 94/27/EEC relative to dangerous substances and known as "Directive Nickel" is in force in the whole of European Union countries. Nowadays, REACH reglement, annex XVII (entry #27), defines the use of nickel.

One wear method simulating a two-tear carrying described in the EN 12472 : 2005 must be used before checking the quantity of nickel released. The nickel release is measured in compliance with the EN 16128 : 2011 standard for spectacle frames and with the EN 1811:2011 standard for others concerned products.

Some countries of the European Union (including France and Italy) have explicitly banished frames for ophthalmological eyeglasses and for sunglasses which belong to the sphere of implementation of the regulations relative to coated products containing nickel and meant to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin (except for coated parts which effectively come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin, such as a metallic nose-saddle). Consequently, according to the country the tested products are bound for, the compliance with this test is not required when the checking concerns the compliance with EC standards in accordance with the European Directives 89/686/EEC and 94/27/EEC.


EC labelling mechanism

You are a manufacturer, an importer, a distributor, a private or public buyer, a representative or else, and you take on the responsibility for your products on the European market concerning their compliance with the basic health and security requirements which are defined by the directive(s) specific to them.



EC labelling

The manufacturers themselves take on the responsibility for the appending of the EC labelling for class 1 products such as leisure sunglasses and frames for ophthalmological eyeglasses. For these products, the EC labelling testifies to their compliance with essential health and security requirements which are checked thanks to specific tests in accordance with the standards in force.


For sun-protections

The manufacturer or supplier shall provide information listed below for informing the user. This information
shall be in the form of marking on the frame, an affixed label, packaging, display materials or any combination
thereof for use at the point of sale.

For spectacle frames

The physiological compatibility and the threading tolerance of the screws are information that the manufacturer must justify himself :

 Within the framework of 93/42/ce European Directive, any manufacturer who, under his own name places devices on the market in accordance with the procedures referred to in Article 11 (5) and (6) and any other naturel or legal person engaged in the activities referred to in Article 12 shall inform the competent authorities of the Member State in which he has his registred place of business of address of the registred place of business and the description of the devices concerned.


Sunglasses assembling quality

It is important to choose the ocular in accordance with the frame


Assembling of oculars with degrading tones or polarising 

 precautions must be taken into account for these glasses

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