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From securing CE marking....

Your products are required to comply with the essential health and safety requirements of European Directives. The checking procedures are described in the European standards specific to each product. It is the EC labelling that testifies to their compliance with those basic requirements. The tests of repport established at the end of the tests form the technical records that presume the compliance with EC standards and that allow the EC labelling.

Extent of the help the ALUTEC laboratory can provide :

... to product testing

The knowledge we have of the normative procedures for personal protective equipments and for ocular optic products will enable us to advise you about the compulsory information you have to provide the customer with (user's instructions) but also to help you for the building-up of technical records and for the declaration of compliance.

To check the quality of your raw materials, of treatments to your frames and your glasses, we can also carry out the following tests:

Besides, we have a service for rapid checks of deliveries concerning products we have already certified that protects you against deviations from quality of manufactured products.

A.LU.TEC laboratory
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Accreditation # 1-1497
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